At a Glance

·         The Mess is a community that provides opportunities to create art and relationships with those who struggle with issues of brokenness and poverty.

·         The Mess walks along side people offering hope and empowering healthy life choices.

·         We are all created equal with a desire for community.  When this is realized, barriers are broken and lives are changed!  We have seen dynamic changes in the lives of participants as well as volunteers.

·         We recognize that to be healthy community, it is important to have diverse social-economic backgrounds. 

·         Art is often therapeutic and allows for people to relax and be more open in conversation.  People comment how art slows the mind and allows for clearer thoughts.

·         Through artistic expression people realize they have value and something worthwhile to give back to others. 

·         Our name The Mess means:  First, the artistic process is messy and challenging at times, but if an artist works through it a masterpiece will be created.   Second, no one has it all together personally but with a supportive community, love and working through life’s challenges we can all be the masterpieces God created.

·         It is our desire to continue to grow The Mess. Currently the hours of operation are:

·          every Monday, 10am-1pm at Martha’s Table
·          every Tuesday, Wednesday &Thursday, 10am-2pm at St. Andrew's (130 Clergy St)

·         The Mess receives support from individuals, grants, local businesses and churches. It is important to The Mess that we are a community that has no denominational boundaries.   Until The Mess receives charitable status, First Christian Church has oversight for this ministry and at this time takes care of the organizational funds.

·         It is our hope to partner with local individuals, businesses and churches in the city by way of prayer support, volunteerism, and finances.   Thank you for your consideration!

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